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About the Author

Peter A. Oppenheim has been fascinated with astronomy and space travel since watching the first Moon landing as a child on Long Island, New York.  Today he is an avid astrophotographer taking images of nebulae, galaxies and other astronomical wonders from his self-built observatory.  His photographs have been featured in major magazines such as Astronomy and Time Off.

Mr. Oppenheim has been an active volunteer in Project Astro Nova which teams astronomers with teachers to bring hands-on astronomy to the classroom.  “I love seeing the excitement in the students’ faces when we talk about space.  They have a wonder and amazement that too many of us lose as we get older,” says the author.

He frequently attends “star parties” held by schools and youth organizations, bringing one of his telescopes and sharing first hand views of Saturn to the delight of participants. As a Friend of the FitzRandolph Observatory at Princeton University, he has assisted in the hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence using the university’s 36” telescope to search for artificial pulses of light.