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By Peter A. Oppenheim

The acclaimed adventure novel series for young readers
​ "A great story that's exciting all the way through... you'll love to read it!" 

Travel the Universe with Taylor, her brother Zack and their amazing telescope that instantly transports them to the object they're viewing!

Titles in The Telescope Travelers Series:

"An out of this world adventure!"    -Madison T.

  In this fun adventure novel for young readers, Zack and his older sister, Taylor, were enjoying the last few days of their summer vacation when they made a fantastic discovery.A mysterious box buried in the sand with an unusual telescope inside. 

Where did it come from? To whom does it belong and why was it buried? Soon Zack and Taylor uncover the telescope’s amazing ability to transport them to the object they are viewing!


​And Don't Miss The Sequel:

Zack and Taylor are at it again! Join them as they travel the galaxy with their amazing telescope.But alien life and a black hole, one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, threaten to take it all away.

Can they escape and still be home in time for dinner?


"My grandchildren love this series. It's great fun!" - Nikki L.

"Very well-written, informative, with an absorbing plot and
delightful characters." - David R.

Plus the latest adventure:

  ​ In this latest adventure, a comet threatens Earth and the travelers leap into action as humanity's last, best hope. 

Can they save the world and get their homework done in time?